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1. Know the electrical risk regulations according to standard NF C 18-510.
2. Organize and carry out non-electrical work.
3. Carry out operations of a non-electrical nature in rooms reserved for electricians near bare 
live parts.
4. Obtain a rehabilitation title H0V - H0 - B0.
5. Carry out the markup of the work area.

6. Monitor personnel in an environment presenting an electrical hazard.

 Program :

1. Sizes and notions of electrical units.

2. Electrical current, physiological effects and mechanisms.

3. Protection codes.

4. Collective Protective Equipment (CPE).

5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

6. Electrical works or installations.

7. The electrical authorizations.

8. Requirements and functions.

9. Zonal boundaries.

10.  Consignment.

11. In case of fire, what to do?

12. In case of an electrical accident, what to do?

  • Public : 

All personnel, employees and contractors should follow the safety-related work practices and procedures. They shall be aware of the potential electrical hazards present in their work environment.

  • Prerequisite : 
Know how to read and write English

Teaching methods and evaluations : 

Procedure- evaluations: Continuous and theoretical assessment with delivery of a training certificate at the end of the session. Theoretical presentations, scenarios, validation MCQs IT support: Connection 24/24 - 7/7 - Access valid for 1 month on Android, tablet, PC, MAC. Individual.

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