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Initial training SST First Aid Worker

Formez vos collaborateurs au secourisme et à la formation SST avec un de nos formateurs anglophone.
The first aid worker has :
  • to prevent accidents with health and safety interlocutors with respect for legislation.
  • to assist with security and efficiency in front of an accident in keeping with rules of the company.
Field of competence 1 :
  • To identify the SST role in the company.
  • To protect :
  • The alert and protection of the population.
  • Special alerts (water dam, terrorist attack).
  • The analysis of accident and protection.
  • The emergency exit of the victim.
  • To examine :
  • Has the victim an heavy bleeding ?
  • Is the victim choking ?
  • Does the victim speak ?
  • Does the victim breath ?
  • To alert :
  • Who alerts ? The message.
  • To rescue :
  • The heavy bleeding : manual compression, compression bandage, tourniquet.
  • The victim is choking.
  • The victim is unconscious but she breathes : lateral position.
  • The victim is unconscious but she isn't breathing : CPR cardio-pulmonary reanimation and defibrillator.
  • The victim has got a malaise.
  • The victim is suffering from burns.
  • The victim has got a pain when she moves.
  • The victim has got a wound without an heavy bleeding.
Field of competence 2 :
  • The role of the SST on the prevention of accidents in the company :
  • Work accident.
  • Journey accident.
  • Occupational disease.
  • Internal and external actors of prevention.
  • The employer obligations and DUERP.
  • To realize actions of protection to prevent :
  • Hazard hunt.
  • 9 general principles of prevention.
  • To inform people specified by the prevention plan of the recognize dangerous situation.
  • Participants
All interested collaborators.
  • Prerequisite
To inform the occupational health of the SST training in accordance with R4626-1 article.
The content of the training is conformable to the baseline of INRS. After continuous evaluation of participants by the trainer, ACN delivers an attestation and a certificate of first aid valid for 2 years.
Theoretical presentation, incident simulation exercise, case study, trainer feedback.

List of pedagogical material :
  • IT equipment : computer, videoprojector, printer.
  • Demo equipment : material for simulation exercise, makeup, first aid manikin, defibrillator.
Formation initiale SST Anglais - Initial Training SST - Groupe ACN Livret formation SST - Groupe ACN
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Référence : SAP006
Durée : 14 heures
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Référence : SAP006
Durée conseillée : 14 heures
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